Meme = Idea that spreads from mind to mind, and evolves like a living organism
Jam = Group Improvisation (jazz, rock)
The basic idea was born out of several frustrations:
  • Employ social networking software to "create" collaboratively, not just to "socialize"
  • Use the web to foster interdisciplinary thinking, not super-specialized conversations
  • Beyond information and knowledge: wisdom
  • Beyond noise (search engines) and relevance (search engines?): inspiration (browse for inspiration)
  • Remove the physical limitation of the computer screen

The Meme-verse:
  • The Meme-verse is the universe of ideas ("memes").
  • It is also a virtual space to prototype, test, expand and fine-tune concepts.

Our mission is to...
  • foster interdisciplinary thinking across borders.
  •     by helping physically-remote people
  •         from different disciplines
  •               brainstorm on topics ranging from philosophy to business...
  • and thereby nurture communities of thinkers and creators

A blend of
  • Groupware
  • Wiki
  • Sociocultural engineering

MemeJam was founded in Silicon Valley by Piero Scaruffi.